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Exclusive Trade Program Benefits

Shop with Peace of Mind

Buyer Protection Guarantee

If your 1stdibs purchase isn’t as described, we’ll work to fix the issue.

Hold Requests

Secure your an item while you wait for client approval or payment. Learn More

Extended Returns

We offer an extra 7 days to return qualified items, in addition to the seller’s standard policy. Learn More

Stay within Budget

Best Net Price Guarantee

You’ll always get the lowest advertised price for an item. If you find it for less, we’ll match it. Learn More

Cash Back Rewards

Earn a minimum of $50 cash back for every $5,000 spent on 1stdibs when you enroll in our Trade Rewards loyalty program.

Negotiate Price

Contact the seller directly through our site to negotiate price, or let us do it for you.

Save Time

Effortless Global Shopping

1stdibs offers an extraordinary supply of the world’s finest new and vintage items all on one site.

Free Sourcing Service

Let our experts find the items you need for your projects.

Streamlined Workflow

Stay organized and on schedule with the My Workspace project management portal.

Grow Your Customer Base

Marketing Promotion

Access our high-net-worth customers through email, onsite and other promotional opportunities.

Presence in Our Profile Directory

We will showcase a portfolio of our most loyal firms’ work on our site for potential new customers to view.

Not yet a member of the Trade Program?