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Gil Walsh Interiors;

Gil Walsh Interiors

West Palm Beach, FL

["Gill Walsh is a lifelong student of how to express peoples’ personal styles through their homes. Her mastery of every genre in the rainbow of styles [from Vintage to Bohemian, to the more popular styles like Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary] is of minor importance relative to the creativity she unleashes to tell her clients’ story. In doing so, she has been honored with a variety of East Coast Design Accolades and Awards for work done from Key West to Martha’s Vineyard on beach houses, sky-scraping apartments, historic landmark buildings and cozy cottages. Gill commenced her formal education studying Fashion Design in New York. She then read for her Fine Arts degree, learning from the masters of English, French and Italian design. After graduation, she was hired by Irvin & Company the largest Interior Design firm between Chicago and New York. Over time, Gil’s portfolio of work went from being from good to great. Two highlights. She was commissioned to do Interior Design renovations for Arnold Palmer’s Pavilion at the Laurel Valley Country club that he founded. But perhaps her biggest honor [and certainly the one that tested her confidence the most] was the work she did refurbishing the interiors of Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece. Some 12 years ago, Gil Walsh Interiors was founded. It has since been entrusted with over $250 million in interior design work. The success of the company is based on her leading the team to passionately live five core values: client intimacy, creativity, commitment, integrity and accountability. These values form the foundation of the company’s culture. In Design Circles, Gil is held in high esteem. Maybe it’s her dignified grace, elegance and personal style. Maybe it’s the depth of her wisdom, instilled by her 30 something devotion to design. Maybe it’s her composure in the face of the toughest design challenge. Maybe it’s the confidence she inspires in her clients. Maybe it’s her courage to say “no” instead of an easy “yes”. Maybe it’s the kind way in which she leads her team. Gil’s ingenuity is rooted in the thoroughness of her nature. She leaves no stone unturned before unleashing the magic of her creativity to transform dreams into reality. Then there’s her relentless drive to find a better way, even after a good one has been found. Gil works mainly in Palm Beach, Pennsylvania and Martha’s Vineyard. Her motto is: “Style lives inside us all, we live to express yours”. "]

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