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Established in 2002, Double Knot is New York City's premier gallery for tribal rugs and textiles. The gallery focuses on old and antique pieces from Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Morocco, promoting better understanding of their rich weaving traditions in the context of their history, art and culture. The gallery is open to the public and serves the needs and interests of enthusiasts, collectors and the interior design community.

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Antique Turkmen Palas
Antique 19th Century Turkmenistan Central Asian Rugs
Brocade, Wool, Cotton
A great tribal weaving by the Yomut Turkmens of Central Asia, in brocaded flat-weave technique. A century ago, when this Kilim was woven, every Yomut girl of marriage age created a p...
Antique Shahsavan Kilim
Antique 19th Century Azerbaijan More Carpets
A fantastic antique Kilim, in a rare large, squarish size, featuring a well-known design and brilliant colors in natural dyes. In excellent condition and very sturdy. Both collectibl...
Superb Antique East Anatolian Kilim
Antique 19th Century Turkey Kilim Turkish Rugs
A fantastic antique Kilim of large size from Northeast Turkey. Such large kilims were ordered for wealthy local patrons from villages where skilled tribal weavers could be contracted...
"Honeycomb" Sharkisla Kilim
Early 20th Century Turkey Turkish Rugs
A large antique Kilim from Eastern Turkey with a rare design. Such large kilims were made by tribal weavers during the summer months when they could set up large looms outdoors. Weal...
"Contemplation," Tulu Rug
Early 20th Century Turkey Tulu Turkish Rugs
An empty field enclosed by a border, or a couple of borders in this case, is a fairly common style in "Tulu" style weaving. This is a particularly dramatic one with its unu...
Colorful Striped Kilim
Vintage 1960-1969 Iran Turkish Rugs
A large tribal flat-weave woven in three narrow panels. An unusually colorful example of this type with vibrant reds, oranges and even a bit of purple.
Antique Ghiordes Prayer Rug
Antique 19th Century Turkey Turkish Rugs
Wool, Cotton
A beautiful antique prayer rug in the classical Turkish tradition. Great color palette. Very well preserved.
Kurdish Kilim
20th Century Turkey Turkish Rugs
A lovely old tribal flat-weave from Eastern Turkey in a style attributed to one of the many Kurdish groups in that region. The restrained color palette includes lots of natural brown...
Antique Shahrisabz Suzani
Antique 19th Century Uzbekistan Suzani Textiles
Cotton, Silk
A superb antique "Suzani" embroidery from Uzbekistan. This particular style with bold flowers and vines and generous proportions is attributed to the city of Shahrisabz. Pi...
Antique Qashqai Rug
Antique 19th Century Iran Persian Rugs
Superb, collectible tribal rug from the Qashqai tribes of SW Persia. Amazing colors, wool and design and in excellent state of preservation.
Banded Mazanderan Kilim
Mid-20th Century Iran Kilim Turkish Rugs
An old tribal floor cover from Northern Iran, woven in three narrow panels with alternating bands of ivory and dark brown or black. A strikingly modern look, with great texture and p...
Banded "Jajim" with Good Luck Charms
20th Century Turkey More Carpets
A tribal floor cover, possibly Kurdish, tightly woven and sturdy, consisting of four panels sewn together, with an unusual color combination. Very high quality wool. Rows of knots, m...

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