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Alcocer Anticuarios is a family enterprise, founded in 1870 by Santiago Alcocer. The Madrid gallery is presently run by fourth generation antiquarian Gema Alcocer (having previous experience working for Sotheby's London and Milan's Royal Palace), while sister Inmaculada represents the Alcocer family in the United States with a selection of pieces in Miami. Alcocer offers a highly diversified collection of 18th and 19th Century European furniture, paintings, ceramics and decorative art objects. We are especially proud of our extensive collection of 18th Century English ...Read More

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19th Century French Brass 8-Light Chandelier in Style of André-Charles Boulle
19th Century French Brass 8-Light Chandelier in...
André-Charles Boulle
Antique Late 19th Century French Louis XV Chandeliers and Pendants
This impressive late 19th century French eight-light brass chandelier in Louis XV style shares many design elements with one made in circa 1700 by André-Charles Boulle for King Frede...
French Victorian Gilt Brass 12-Light Chandelier with Grotesque Motif
French Victorian Gilt Brass 12-Light Chandelier...
Antique Late 19th Century French Late Victorian Chandeliers and Pendants
Glass, Brass
This French gilt brass 12-light chandelier seems to take its overall structure from the gas chandeliers (gasoliers) of the 1850s and 1860s, but having no gas cocks or external wiring...
19th Century Italian Grand Tour "Jennings Dog" Carved Marble Bookends
19th Century Italian Grand Tour "Jennings Dog" ...
Antique Late 19th Century Italian Classical Greek Bookends
These bookends are late 19th century Italian marble "Grand Tour" souvenirs, based on a pair of original Roman sculptures of Molossian guard-dogs in the Belvedere Court of the Vatican...
Pair of 19th Century Nautical Oil Lamps with Red Globes Electrified
Pair of 19th Century Nautical Oil Lamps with Re...
Antique 19th Century Unknown Lanterns
Unmatched pair of late 19th century nautical oil lamps with pristine red globes. Similar in size and shape, these two lamps originally used a kerosene or oil flame for illumination,...
18th Century British Lantern or Chamber Clock
Antique 18th Century British Wall Clocks
Iron, Wood, Brass
Originating in the 17th century, the lantern clock (also known as a "chamber clock") was wall mounted and driven by free-hanging weights. This example is made primarily of brass and ...
18th Century Spanish Triumphant Infant Jesus Po...
Antique 18th Century Spanish Baroque Religious Items
This polychrome wood figure of the Triumphant Infant Jesus was sculpted in Spain in the 18th century, following Andalusian tradition. The inclusion of a golden ball is symbolic of Ch...
20th Century French Blue Opaline / Milk Glass P...
Portieux Vallerysthal
Early 20th Century French Vases
Opaline Glass
Probably produced by French glassmaker Portieux Vallerysthal in the early 20th century. Though not true hand blown French opaline glass, P/V called its many series of milk glass styl...
19th Century Spanish Brass Brazier
Antique 19th Century Spanish Fireplaces and Mantels
Brass, Wood
This 19th century Spanish brazier, or "brasero," is made of brass and wood, and was used to heat areas of a home (or castle) by holding burning coals in its concave bowl. The domed c...
18th Century Spanish Baroque Silver Giltwood Al...
Antique 18th Century Spanish Baroque Candlesticks
A matched pair of nicely carved wooden 18th century Spanish Baroque church altar candlesticks. When made, the wood would be painted with many layers of gesso, and then silver gilded....
18th Century Spanish Copper Jug with Handle
Antique 18th Century Spanish Rustic Jars
An 18th century Spanish copper container originally made for common household use, that now has great decorative value. The handle is attached with large hammered rivets, and feature...
17th Century Spanish Writing Table with Drawers
Antique 17th Century Spanish Rustic Desks and Writing Tables
Wood, Walnut
A beautiful Spanish writing table with mixtilineal “pata de lira” (lyre-shaped legs) containing both curves and straight lines, in keeping with the Baroque style popular during the r...
18th Century Spanish Cupboard or Armoire
Antique 18th Century Spanish Rustic Cupboards
Wrought Iron, Wood
This 18th century Spanish cupboard (or armoire) is beautiful as well as functional. The architecture-like detailing, wrought iron hardware and strong proportions give this cupboard g...

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