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Ai Bo Gallery features artwork that stands out and translates across multiple arenas of discourse, culture and art history. We focus on promoting international contemporary emerging and established artists who mix traditional disciplines with new media, unique mindset and cutting edge methodology. The range of media we showcase includes painting, sculpture, photography, video installations as well as multimedia art. We encourage our artist to experiment and expand their concept and practice while pursuing the balance of innovative creative ideas with a highly visual ap...Read More

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My Profession is to Disappoint the Different Ones
Tran Trong Vu
2000-2009 Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Plastic, Acrylic Paint
Tran Trong Vu paints a contemporary narrative on the changes that have taken place in his homeland of Vietnam. He paints on large transparent plastic sheets.
Petr Stacho
2010- Abstract Geometric Figurative Sculptures
Wave is a unique glass sculpture created in the Kiln with cut, cast and polished uranium glass. The blue and green tones illuminate in the light to create movement as one sees in th...
Vietnamese Lotus
Truong Tan
21st Century Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Board, Lacquer
Truong Tan was born in 1963 and graduated from the University of Fine Arts, Hanoi in 1989. As an artist, Truong Tan is known above all for his erotic references to his sexuality, ma...
Dove on Black Water Pot
Tran Huy Hoan
21st Century Photorealist Figurative Paintings
Oil Paint
The themes in Tran Huy Hoan’s work are contradictions within themselves. His work is both innocent and erotic. Each subject is attractive yet affecting. Hoan’s precise technical styl...
Friends in My Life
Pham Minh Tuan
2010- Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
"Friends in My Life" is a figurative painting that is a tribute to Tuan's close friends that is expressed by him in an interesting and detailed way. He is an extremely loy...
Convention and Eternity
Pham Minh Tuan
2010- Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
"Convention and Eternity" is an extremely complex and symbolic figurative oil painting where Pham Minh Tuan is expressing his perception of modern Vietnam. It has been in ...
Saui Son Beach
Pham Luan
21st Century Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Saui Son Beach is a true portrait of this Vietnamese beach with it's deep blue colors in both the water and the sky. Although he paints a variety of subjects, Pham Luan always return...
Isaac Maimon
1990-1999 Impressionist Figurative Paintings
Oil Paint
Cafe is a typical Maimon Impressionist painting of 1993 with an wide color pallet of blues, greens, oranges and greys. Isaac Maimon is an Israeli born artist (b.1951) who studied at...
"Emotional" La Ba Quan Oil Painting Figurative ...
La Ba Quan
2010- Contemporary Figurative Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint
Oil on canvas painting with dimensions of 40"H x 32" W.
"Delta Morning" Bui Huu Hung Gold Red Black Lac...
Bui Huu Hung
2000-2009 Abstract Impressionist Landscape Paintings
Lacquer, Wood
Bui Huu Hung was born in Hanoi in 1957. He graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1975 and began his study of traditional lacquer techniques after graduation. Hung’s work...
Eternity of Life by Mattia Novello Acrylic on C...
Mattia Novello
2010- Conceptual Figurative Paintings
Acrylic Paint
Mattia Novello created "Eternity of Life", displaying the white and yellow of the egg against a black canvas. This represents the paradox defining an infinity element like ...
"Spring" Duong Viet Nam Oil Acrylic Painting St...
Duong Viet Nam
2010- Contemporary Landscape Paintings
Canvas, Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint
Oil and acrylic on canvas painting of a city street scene. Bright colors with dimensions of 36"H x 48"W.

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