Joeseph Burlini Wall Sculpture of Ravi Shankar on Sitar
By Joseph A. Burlini
Located in Kansas City, MO
Rare 1970s Joseph Burlini metal wire abstract wall hanging sculpture with the image of sitar maestro Ravi Shankar. If you are a fan of the Shankar family of musicians, including daug...

Vintage 1970s American Mid-Century Modern Figurative Sculptures



Expressive Sandstone Sculpture of Apsara Playing Sitar, 18th Century India
Sandstone sculpture of Apsara playing sitar with dancing pose in front of a garland arch. Covered with rests of stucco and old painting with beautiful face expression and flower lotu...

Antique 18th Century Indian Figurative Sculptures



Elegant Sandstone Sculpture of Apsara Playing Sitar, 18th Century, India
Elegant sandstone sculpture of apsara playing sitar with missing arms with a beautiful face and a high tiara and pleated robes. It comes with a custom Lucite base. Weight: 21.3 lb...

Antique Early 18th Century Indian Figurative Sculptures

Pair of Eric Maville Faux Tortoiseshell Lamps
By Eric Maville
Located in London, GB
A pair of Eric Maville faux tortoiseshell lamps with Thai sitar player motif in gilt metal on the front. Signed "Eric Maville, France" on small brass plaque. With new bespoke black s...

Vintage 1970s French Mid-Century Modern Table Lamps



  • Pair of Eric Maville Faux Tortoiseshell Lamps
  • Pair of Eric Maville Faux Tortoiseshell Lamps
  • Pair of Eric Maville Faux Tortoiseshell Lamps
  • Pair of Eric Maville Faux Tortoiseshell Lamps
H 23.63 in. W 10.24 in. D 10.24 in.
Set of Two Vintage Indian Carved Wood Rajasthani Female Musicians Sculptures
Set of two vintage Indian carved wood gilded sculptures. Hand carved and painted Rajasthani wooden figures depicting traditional female Indian musicians. The figure sculpture fema...

Mid-20th Century Thai Anglo Raj More Asian Art, Objects and Furniture


Wood, Wood

Gilded Bronze Seated Buddha Table Lamp
Gilded bronze seated Buddha table lamp This is an excellent piece with an oriental theme The Female bronze statue is seated playing a sitar, it has an old worn gold finish an...

Antique Mid-19th Century Empire Table Lamps

Beauvais French Style Tapestry, the Collation the Story of the Emperor of China
By Beauvais Royal Manufactory, Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer
Located in Dallas, TX
73699 Beauvais French style tapestry, the Collation from the series the story of the Emperor of China wall hanging. This handwoven wool French Style tapestry is a reproduction of the...

21st Century and Contemporary Chinese Louis XIV Western European Rugs



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