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Mini Maxi Dresses

Amiri Layered Floral-Print Silk-Crepon Maxi Dress
By Amiri
Located in London, GB
Updated in a monochrome palette, this floral-print silk-crepon one has a nipped-in waist to flatter the smallest part of your figure and a mini hem layered beneath a semi-sheer maxi ...

21st Century and Contemporary Maxi Dresses

1970s Boho Chic Yellow + Chartreuse Green Daisy Flower Print Chiffon Maxi Dress
Boho chic 70s yellow and chartreuse green chiffon maxi dress. Features a gorgeous Allover mini Daisy print, with a flowy attached caplet. Cap lets ties at the empire waist, making th...

1970s Maxi Dresses

1970s Leonard Paris Silk Chiffon Angel Sleeve Caftan Maxi Dress Documented
By Leonard
Located in Boca Raton, FL
A flurry of mini white polka dots tumbles down onto dramatic black angel sleeves in this wonderful Leonard Paris dress from the Seventies. Cut from silk chiffon, the sleeves are shee...

1970s Maxi Dress

1970s Jay Morley for Fern Viollete Vintage Rose Print Pink + White Maxi Dress
By Jay Morley
Located in Chicago, IL
Beautiful vintage 70s JAY MORLEY FOR FERN VIOLLETE pink and white rosette cotton voile maxi dress! Features allover mini roses, with embroidered rosette waistband. Sizable bow should...

1970s Maxi Dress

c1971 Rare Mary Quant Black on Black Floral Silk Halter Smock Dress
By Mary Quant
Located in Rockwood, ON
Mary Quant become famous for her mini dresses in the 1960s, some even attribute her as inventing them, but she continued designing past that period and was still designing into the 1...

1970s Maxi Dress

1940s Light Pink Maxi Taffetas Silk Dress
Gorgeous 1940s light pink silk dress featuring maxi length, fixed flounces on front bust & goes on back sleeves, bias cut with many tailoring details, maxi length. In good vinta...

1940s Evening Dresses

Christian Lacroix Vintage Chiffon Dress
By Christian Lacroix
Located in Los Angeles, CA
Product Details: Vintage chiffon dress with detachable skirt by Christian Lacroix Early 1990's Red silk mini dress Off the shoulder dress Long sleeve Rouched top and sleeves Zip...

Late 20th Century Evening Dresses

1975 Gina Fratini Elizabeth Taylor Ombre Chiffon Wedding Dress Documented
By Gina Fratini
Located in Boca Raton, FL
She got married in a traditional white gown, modest flared suit, hooded green silk dress and canary yellow babydoll, each of which was as spectacular as Elizabeth Taylor herself. But...

1970s Evening Dresses and Gowns

1970s Victoria Royal Kelly Green + White Abstract Floral Sequined Chiffon Gown
By Victoria Royal
Located in Chicago, IL
Beautiful early 1970s VICTORIA ROYAL kelly green and white abstract floral sequined gown / maxi dress! Printed throughout the dress, sleeves, trim and cuffs. Hundreds of hand-sewn li...

1970s Evening Gowns

Pauline Trigere 1970s Black, White, Brown Rhinestone Encrusted Vintage 70s Gown
By Pauline Trigère
Located in Chicago, IL
Rare early 1970s PAULINE TRIGERE for NEIMAN MARCUS evening knit maxi dress! Encrusted with hand-sewn rhinestones above the bust, and on each sleeve. Black, white and brown mini print...

1970s Evening Gowns

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