Gypsy Skirts

Yves Saint Laurent long layered Paisley gypsy skirt, Fall Winter 1976
By Yves Saint Laurent
Located in London, GB
The new freedom of expression in the fashion of the 1960s continued in the 1970s. Yves Saint Laurent’s 1976 Spring/Summer Russian collection was colorful, lively and bright. Severa...

1970s Flare Skirts

1980s Michaele Vollbrach Colorful Cotton Layered Gypsy Pheasant Skirt
By Michaele Vollbracht
Located in Boca Raton, FL
A fabulous and fun Michaele Vollbrach 1980s skirt. Done in a soft cotton the top layer is a bright canary yellow with colorful brush strokes in blue, red and purple, the bottom lay...

1980s Ruffled Skirts

1970's Yves Saint Laurent YSL Tiered Black Silk Taffeta Skirt
By Yves Saint Laurent
Located in Los Angeles, CA
1970's Yves Saint Laurent black silk taffeta tiered "Gypsy" skirt with silk lining, horse-hair batting, an opening at either side seam and ruffled trim at each tier. There are two si...

1970s Skirts

Lanvin Silk Rainbow Multicolor Print Fringe Maxi Skirt, 1970s
By Lanvin
Located in Boca Raton, FL
Countercultural styles in the 1970s were iconic, and revolutionary in the realm of fashion. Bohemian, and neo-aesthetic dress trickled up from the subversive youth cultures to the co...

1970s Skirts

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