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Asymmetrical Tunics

Tsumori Chisato Hand-Painted Sequined Tunic
By Tsumori Chisato
Located in San Francisco, CA
A hand-painted Tsumori Chisato tunic with woman's face and star motif. Back is covered in small gold sequins. Asymmetrical drawstring and toggle at neckline. Loose tunic fit.

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Alexander McQueen Black Tunic Top with Crystal Embellished Shoulders 42
By Alexander McQueen
Located in London, GB
Alexander McQueen Black Top with Crystal Embellished Shoulders - black sheer top - golden tone crystal and metal embellished shoulders - asymmetric length - V neckline Please note...

21st Century and Contemporary Blouses

Rick Owens Dust Light Brown Asymmetrical Bodycon Runway Skirt or Strapless Top
By Rick Owens
Located in Chicago, IL
Signature RICK OWENS asymmetrical bodcon skirt or strapless tunic top in 'dust' color! Double layered soft rayon and cotton blend. So much detail to this little gem! Stretches to fit...

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Questions about Asymmetrical Tunics
Are prices for asymmetrical tunics negotiable on 1stdibs?
Prices for most asymmetrical tunics on 1stdibs are negotiable. You’ll see a "Make an Offer" button on the item details page, indicating that the seller is willing to consider a lower price. It’s not uncommon for customers to get 15–25% off the list price after negotiating. See our tips for negotiating like a pro.
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