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Architectural Rendering Building

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Historic Architectural Rendering of Empire State Building, USA 1929
By Lamb and Harmon Shreve
Located in New York, NY
A chance to own a piece of NYC history. The original elevation (North) of the Empire State Building done by Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, 1929. One of a kind.

Early 20th Century American Drawings



Interior Architectural Rendering of Richard Meier Building Lithograph XL Art
Located in West Hartford, CT
Framed lithograph of the Richard Meier building at 165 Charles Street. Meier, one of the world's most esteemed architects, designs buildings that look like works of art. This large, ...

Late 20th Century American Prints


Wood, Paper, Plastic, Lucite

Finding the Right Wall Decorations for You

An empty wall in your home is a blank canvas, and that’s good news. Whether you’ve chosen to arrange a collage of paintings in a hallway or carefully position a handful of wall-mounted sculptures in your dining room, there are a lot of options for beautifying your space with the antique and vintage wall decor and decorations available on 1stDibs.

If you’re seeking inspiration for your wall decor, we’ve got some ideas (and we can show you how to arrange wall art, too).

“I recommend leaving enough space above the piece of furniture to allow for usable workspace and to protect the art from other items damaging it,” says Susana Simonpietri, of Brooklyn home design studio Chango & Co.

Hanging a single attention-grabbing large-scale print or poster over your bar or bar cart can prove intoxicating, but the maximalist approach of a salon-style hang, a practice rooted in 17th-century France, can help showcase works of various shapes, styles and sizes on a single wall or part of a wall.

If you’re planning on creating an accent wall — or just aiming to bring a variety of colors and textures into a bedroom — there is more than one way to decorate with wallpaper. Otherwise, don’t overlook what textiles can introduce to a space. A vintage tapestry can work wonders and will be easy to move when you’ve found that dream apartment in another borough.

Express your taste and personality with the right ornamental touch for the walls of your home or office — find a range of contemporary art, vintage photography, paintings and other wall decor and decorations on 1stDibs now.