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Adam And Eve Paintings

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Contemporary Folk Art "Adam and Eve" Painting by Saenz
Located in San Francisco, CA
Folk Art "Adam and Eve" Painting by Saenz Adam here is the Toreador and Eve is the Bull Lilith the snake is in the tree. Original acrylic painting on paper. Behind acrylic for add...

Late 20th Century Folk Art Landscape Paintings


Paper, Acrylic

Adam and Eve
By Maquiavella Pichhadze
Located in New York, NY
Oil on cardboard. Signed and dated. Signed again, titled and dated on the reverse. Provenance: Ms. Shorna Ramishvili, the daughter of the artist's painter teacher.

1970s Modern Figurative Paintings


Cardboard, Oil

Adam and Eve (installation)
By Gina Phillips
Located in New Orleans, LA
medium: fabric, thread, ink, paint, synthetic hair GINA PHILLIPS is a mixed media, narrative artist who grew up in Kentucky and has lived in New Orleans since 1995. The imagery, st...

2010s Contemporary Paintings

Adam and Eve, Large Painting by Russ Warren
Located in Long Island City, NY
Artist: Russ Warren, American (1951 - ) Title: Adam and Eve Year: 1980 Medium: Oil on Canvas, signed verso Size: 56 x 49 in. (142.24 x 124.46 cm)

1980s Contemporary Nude Paintings


Canvas, Oil

Adam and Eve - XX century, Figurative painting, Bright colours
By Jacek Palucha
Located in Warsaw, PL
JACEK PAŁUCHA (born in 1966) studied painting under prof. Wiesław Szamborski at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He was a founder and leader of a couple...

20th Century Other Art Style Figurative Paintings


Acrylic, Canvas

Adam and Eve Themed Surrealist, Figurative Nudes
By Susan Clover
Located in Houston, TX
Naturalistic pastel image of a nude male and female with a biblical Adam and Eve theme. Work has vivid greens and reds that contour with the flesh colors of the skin. Artist Biogra...

1970s Naturalistic Nude Paintings



Jack Reilly, Adam and Eve in Tuscany, 2017
Located in Santa Monica, CA
Oil, acrylic polymers, grout, gold leaf, on shaped canvas.

21st Century and Contemporary Post-Modern Figurative Paintings


Silver, Gold Leaf

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (The Apple)
By Zammy Steynovitz
Located in Bal Harbour, FL
This painting depicts a man and woman, Adam and Eve, interlocked and embracing one another. The woman holds an enticing apple as they are thrusted from the Garden of Eden. This is an...

20th Century Modern Figurative Paintings


Paper, Mixed Media

"When Adam Delved and Eve Span" Illustration for the Saturday Evening Post
By Anton Otto Fischer
Located in Fort Washington, PA
Medium: Oil on Canvas Signature: Signed Lower Left Story Illustration "When Adam Delved and Eve Span," by F. Britten Austin and illustrated by Anton Otto Fischer for the Saturday Ev...

1920s Landscape Paintings


Canvas, Oil

Adam And Eve Paradise Old master Paint Oil on canvas 16/17th Century Italy
Located in Riva del Garda, IT
Roman painter of the early seventeenth century Workshop of Giuseppe Cesari known as the Cavalier of Arpino (1568 - 1640) Adam and Eve driven out of Earthly Paradise Oil on canvas, c...

16th Century Old Masters Paintings



Adam and Eve
By Elijah Silverman
Located in Los Angeles, CA

1930s Figurative Paintings


Canvas, Oil

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